Clarice Tay
Nanyang Junior College
anthony jc economics tutor in singapore

“I have definitely benefited greatly from the lessons taught by Mr Fok. My Economics grades improved tremendously after attending his lessons. Apart from that, he also taught us soft skills which I feel is very valuable for our future. Besides, I also appreciate his flexibility as he allows makeup timing for his lessons. In addition, he is very dedicated and would answer any queries we have even outside class through SMS/whatsapp. He also puts in extra effort to mark and provide feedback for the extra assignments we do despite his busy schedule. He provides ample economics resources to aid our learning. His lessons are engaging, well-structured and closely aligned to the syllabus. He imparts essay answering techniques, case study skills and highlights the important keywords to us which is a crucial requirement in the exams. All in all, I am grateful for his constant encouragement and guidance throughout the year! Thank you for helping me get A for Economics!”

– Clarice Tay

Cherie Sim
Hwa Chong Institution
anthony jc economics tutor singapore

“Mr Fok is a very helpful and patient teacher who puts in tremendous amount of effort and time in preparing his students for the A-levels. I have certainly found his lessons interesting and engaging. Thanks to Mr Fok, I achieved an A in Economics — something which I never expected to achieve.”

– Cherie Sim

Tanya Tan
Anglo Chinese Junior College

“Before I started going for Mr Fok’s lessons, I had little to no understanding of the subject at all. Really just whack and pass only! But then Mr Fok really nurtured my passion for the subject by making it more understandable and fun! I really really enjoyed Economics ever since I started tuition! LEGIT! And Mr Fok’s small pep talks and fun casual stories also kept me awake and entertained.”

– Tanya Tan

Sean Ng
St. Andrew’s Junior College

“Mr Fok is a kind and patient tutor who does not mind going the extra mile to ensure that learning takes place. His bubbly character has helped to lighten the mood during classes and enhanced the learning for every student. I strongly recommend Mr Fok if you feel that you are weak in your economics concepts.”
– Sean Ng

Ya Chu
River Valley High School

“Mr Fok is a very engaging and understanding teacher. He understands how his students feel and perform. Whenever hete students are not focusing, he has his ways to wake ups up and highlight the important things that we might have missed out. This makes his lessons effective and easy to follow.”
– Ya Chu

Yi Ming
Yishun Junior College
“Mr Fok is an extremely dedicated teacher who always tries his best to helping his students. He would always deliver his lessons in a manner that would allow the students to understand the concepts in Economics. Mr Fok also provides plenty of notes that he believes are important so as to value-add to the lessons. Moreover, he would also conduct mini consults after class so as to allow the students to fully contextualise and understand the concepts. To add on, he would personally correct and mark work that has been handed over to him and would try his best in returning the scripts by the next lesson. I got A in Economics thanks to Mr Fok!”
– Yi Ming

Jurong Junior College

“Mr Fok is a highly dedicated H2 economics teacher, who goes beyond the call of duty to answer questions at all times of the day. His help has been essential to me getting an A grade for my H2 economics in the A Levels, when i used to get Ds in exams. Nearing the A level period, when i really needed help in the wee hours of the morning Mr Fok was there to answer my queries by message. Also, Mr Fok has proffered me many an opinion regarding multifarious world issues and key evaluation concepts that enabled my economics grade to skyrocket to an A. If you are looking for a miracle in Economics, you know you need Mr Fok, not just because he is good-but because he is the BEST.”
– Gracia

Raffles Institution (College)

“Mr Fok was a tutor and also a friend to me. He developed personal relations with his students and did his best for each and every one of them, regardless of the sheer number of students he has. He made econs fun and memorable, and his constant usage of real life examples and personal stories still stay with me up till now! The resources he provided were invaluable – mountains of model essays and summaries that made econs much less confusing and daunting. I personally thought the econs paper we all sat for was extremely hard, but thanks to his notes and summaries, I was able to recall important concepts and apply them to unorthodox questions. I really have Mr Fok to thank for my eventual results!!”
– Gigi

Kady Ho
Nanyang Junior College

“In merely a short 2 months+ period of attending Mr Fok’s lessons, I’ve gained great understanding in relation to the H2 Economics syllabus and it’s requirements which helped me secure an A for my A Levels Examinations. Mr Fok’s a kind and patient tutor whom is willing to take extra time to help clarify our doubts, be it via whatsapp or encouraging us to submit extra work for marking, for which he would write useful, examinations-focused feedbacks for. Thank you for helping me improve my knowledge for Econs and gearing me up for the A Levels examinations.”
– Kady Ho

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