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“Mr Fok had provided great guidance to me for Economics, and almost literally dragged me out of a pit of despair at a time where my Economics grade was so abysmal that the word abysmal may not even be adequate to accurately depict how bad my grades were, and how far i was lagging behind my peers for the subject. The notes provided by Mr Fok are very concise and capture the key points examiners actively look out for when giving marks to students, and i sincerely believe it was through the utilization of his notes that enabled me to jump from an S grade in my preliminary exams to an A grade in my ‘A’ level examinations. Having joined Mr Fok’s classes very late into the ‘A’ level examination period, i had felt that it would possibly take a miracle for there to be any improvement in my economics result. The miracle did happen, not by any divine intervention though, but through the unique lecturing style conducted in Mr Fok`s classes and the indispensable notes provided during his classes, allowing me to achieve a grade i never once expected or even dreamed of getting. Students who join Mr Fok`s classes would surely be marveled at the pace their grades would improve.”

– Jonathan Chew (Jurong Junior College)

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