4 Things You Didn’t Know about Singapore’s Best Economics Tutor

4 Things You Didn’t Know about Singapore’s Best Economics Tutor

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Mr Anthony Fok has been considered one of Singapore’s best economics tutors for many years now, not just by national media like the The Straits Times and AsiaOne, but also by students themselves, the chief beneficiaries of good tuition. Indeed, more than 50% of our students who have trained under Mr Fok have gone on to ace their Economics exams!

Mr Fok is more than just one of the best economics tutors in the country, however. Putting aside the A Levels and H1 and H2 Economics, our super tutor is also a person who cares, and who has a story of his own to tell! Here are some interesting facts about Mr Fok the person, that may paint a fuller picture of the man in the classroom!

1. He was a successful entrepreneur before becoming a teacher

Before embarking on his journey to becoming one of Singapore’s best economics tutor, Anthony proved himself to be a capable businessman. At the young age of 21, he ran multiple chain outlets of tuition and student care centres islandwide! 

Business was booming as Anthony even franchised out, though eventually, he decided to sell the brand before entering MOE in 2008. Though many may balk at the decision to go from business owner to a teacher, Anthony’s decision makes his passion for teaching all the more apparent! 

2. He comes from a low-income family

Having been already so accomplished in his twenties, some people might credit Anthony’s success to his family providing strong financial backing. After all, it is hard to imagine someone from an ordinary background hitting milestones most would find hard to reach till later in their lives. However, it is a fact, though not well-known, that Anthony comes from humble beginnings. 

Anthony’s mother passed away due to breast cancer early in his childhood, while his father worked as a technician as the sole breadwinner. Through a combination of hard work and serendipitous meetings with good people who gave him hope to achieve his goals, Anthony put in the work to earn his well-deserved success. Growing up in a low-income family did not define him, and his struggles shaped him into the determined and respected person he is today!   

3. He maintains close relations with mentors and old colleagues

It isn’t uncommon for someone to fall out of touch with the people they worked with after quitting. However, for those who treasure the time they spent with their work buddies, a minor issue like clashing schedules can hardly be considered to be an obstacle! 

With such a lengthy career as a teacher, Anthony has worked with and inspired many other teachers. He has forged close relationships with them, continuing to keep in touch with them despite the passage of time. Similarly, Anthony has also continued to keep close relationships with the people who have guided him over the years, still thankful for their wisdom and mentorship.

4. He has kept in touch with many ex-students

Teaching is a hard profession. Teachers spend many a late-night marking papers and preparing for lessons, while their waking hours are dedicated to helping them navigate both school and life. However, beyond the usual monthly pay checks, teachers most definitely find the most enjoyment in seeing their students grow and blossom into wonderful people. 

Anthony has taught many children throughout his teaching career, and given his warm personality, you probably won’t be surprised that he continues to keep in contact with many of his ex-students! Some of them have gotten married by now, and are taking care of children of their own. Seeing students graduate and leading great lives outside of school is the proudest moment of any teacher. 

As the principal tutor of JC Economics Tuition centre, Mr. Anthony Fok has enjoyed the reputation of one of Singapore’s best economics tutors for a while now. A good teacher can teach, but a great teacher is a person who is also able to lead by example. Both passionate about econs and teaching, students who plan to enroll will be rest assured that they will be in Mr. Fok’s capable hands!

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