Choosing the Right JC Economics Tuition Centre: A Checklist

Choosing the Right JC Economics Tuition Centre: A Checklist

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Along with the arrival of 2022, the start of a new school year rapidly approaches!

While JC freshmen are beside themselves with anticipation, students that are about to begin their second year are likely prepping themselves for lengthy future study sessions. However, setting aside the difference in attitudes, both new and returning students will likely have a common goal in mind – getting good grades!

Enter JC Econs. Considered by many to be challenging, it is a subject with an intimidating reputation. For students of all walks of life, it can seem like an obstacle that is impossible to overcome. However, that is not the case. No obstacle is insurmountable once you find the right approach!

If you foresee having trouble with JC Econs, or are already struggling to study it by yourself, then it could be time to try something different. Enrolling in a tuition centre might just be what you need to kick off a year of great grades!

Keep reading to find out what you should take note of as you look for a JC Economics tuition centre that suits your needs!

1. Affordable fees

A common myth you’re probably aware of is that ‘anything expensive must be good’. While that holds true for things like clothes, high tuition fees aren’t necessarily an indicator of quality!

Tuition fees can be affected by variables such as the location of the centre, the number of tutors and class size. Even if you’re fine with paying a hefty fee each month or term, it is recommended to find out what kind of resources you are paying for!

Aside from the expertise and guidance of tutors, the activities supplied to students should be based on a useful curriculum. Each centre has their own methods of teaching, some being highly personalized to an individual while others boast of a holistic approach.

Knowing what you need to work on will help you narrow down your choice of tuition centres, but tuition should help you improve as a whole!

2. Tutor Quality

Similar to how you might use certain methods to solve a question, finding the right JC Economics tutor can make a world of difference!

Good JC Economics tutors not only need to have the qualifications to back up the depth of knowledge, but they must also have the proper skills to impart it to their students. After all, mastering a subject does not automatically mean you’re qualified to teach!

One simple way to check if your tutor is credible, is to look at their teaching credentials. Being a former MOE school teacher, for example, generally means they have the necessary skills to teach.

At JC Economics Tuition Centre, our principal tutor and former Ministry of Education teacher, Mr. Anthony Fok, draws from his personal experience and real-world economic events to deliver interesting and effective lessons. Our students come away with a deeper knowledge of econs and useful techniques to craft mature and decisive answers.  

3. Available Learning Resources

Students might balk at the idea of adding extra work on top of their regular study duties, but as the saying holds, practice makes perfect.

You may already have your own workbooks or activities, but tuition centres can provide specialized proactive papers and books not available in public stores.

At JC Economics Tuition Centre, students are free to browse through our collection of Economics textbooks and resource materials that are available both online and offline.

Overall, practicing mock test papers and assessments is a great way for you to sharpen your answering skills. Testing your ability to work under pressure and time constraints is just as important as learning how to answer them!

4. Centre Location

And finally, when choosing a tuition centre, make sure to take into account where the facilities are located. Your ideal centre shouldn’t be too far from your home or school to save on commuting time.

Travelling half an hour or an hour for tuition might seem feasible, but remember how much time you’ll have to spare! Commute time can eat into your schedule and affect the length of your other activities, and in addition, you will likely need to sacrifice a measure of your comfort and energy. If you’re exhausted after a long school, spending up to an hour fighting for a seat on public transportation may not be ideal.

We hope these pointers will be of great help in your quest to choose an ideal JC Economics Tuition Centre. What we listed might require you to reflect on what you’re truly looking for, but by making sure to ask the difficult questions up front, you’ll save yourself a ton of trouble down the line! 

If you’ve made up your mind, then click here to find out more details about our classes and reserve your slot!

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