Beyond Economics Lectures: 5 Reasons Why A Level Econs Students Need The Best Tutors

Beyond Economics Lectures: 5 Reasons Why A Level Econs Students Need The Best Tutors

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JC Economics is a highly complex subject. It has many theories and models that can be difficult to understand. Moreover, the practical application of these concepts is also quite complicated – especially if you are new to the subject.

Plenty of JC lectures and tutorials are available online to help troubled students. However, these resources are usually inadequate as they are incomplete and not personalized for each type of student. That’s where tutoring can help!

Today, we’ll outline some of the reasons economics students should take advantage of the best tutors available to them today.

  1. JC Lecture Limitations:

Teaching is more than just imparting knowledge. It’s also about ensuring that students can take what they’ve learned and apply it in the future. To achieve this feat, teachers need to have a free hand to implement new techniques and tools to keep students engaged.

However, some college lecturers might be constrained by syllabus requirements and required teaching approaches. To some extent, these constraints limit the way that JC lecturers can teach. For example, the syllabus may include a cap on how many chapters one must cover in a day. Alternatively, it may only allow lecturers to share their ideas on a particular topic rather than discussing both sides of an argument.

Lecturers are also restrained by required teaching approaches, including whether they teach using interactive activities or dynamic presentations with visuals.

Such limitations do not exist when you take up the aid of a good economics tutor.

  1. Ineffective Group Study:

Studying with friends can be a great way to motivate each other and have a sense of camaraderie. However, this may not always be the best option. In fact, according to research, there is evidence that studying with friends can do more harm than good.

For instance, academically strong friends may make you feel like you need to pull your weight too much, or you aren’t as bright as they are. Friends who are not academically strong may make mistakes that could affect your score or provide you incorrect information. You may also end up studying less than if you were studying on your own due to distractions in your study circle.

On the other hand, in a tuition class, all your peers have a common hunger to learn. Moreover, they all have a serious attitude towards learning, which creates a melting pot of creativity and ideas that enrich your academic experience.

PS: Here are some tips to help you cope well in Economics.

  1. Over Crowded JC Classes

Due to the larger class sizes in MOE schools, lecturers might not be able to devote as much time to individualized teaching and preparing for lectures because their time is now divided among more students.

This issue ends up harming your learning experience and depletes motivation.

For you to maintain academic excellence in such an atmosphere, you’ll need specialized help from experienced economics tutors.

The best econs tuitions have small class sizes, which will give you a more interactive experience. Furthermore, you can receive invaluable individual feedback from your tutor to improve academically.

  1. Inaccurate Ten Year Series Practice:

One of the biggest mistakes students make when practicing JC economics is not employing the correct technique. It’s natural to assume that you’re attempting a question correctly, but sometimes you might be going about it the wrong way.

For instance, some economics questions have several different modes of approach. Unfortunately, a new student does not have the foresight or experience to determine the best possible method to solve a question. If such a student attempts TYS questions without expert guidance, he/she can accumulate poor concepts and techniques over time.

However, if you take up a tutor’s aid, you can make the most out of his expert knowledge by learning the proper techniques to be implemented when solving economics exam questions.

  1. Inaccurate Ten Year Series Practice:

Let’s be honest, a good economics tuition centre in Singapore is not easy to find.

You need to find a tutor that will meet your needs and help you grow—someone who has a decent experience and can identify your weaknesses and offer strategies for improvement.

With such prerequisites, underqualified tutors are all too familiar nowadays.

Taking up an untrained tutor does not work in improving your academics. In fact, it may even become a hindrance to your progress.

This will likely cause a drain on your time and money, which is why it’s crucial to choose the right tutor for you.

Finding The Right Tutor:

There are many good economics tutors in Singapore. However, after consulting many students, we have had one stand out among all: Mr.Anthony Fok.

To many of his students, he is the “best economics tutor“.. His vast expertise in his subject has helped students ace JC economics. Furthermore, his experience in teaching helps his students understand complex concepts and improve significantly. He is known to be very accommodating, punctual, and easy to work with.

His student’s testimonies are also backed by his exceptional credentials of appearing on several newspapers and television shows as the “most sought-after super tutors” in Singapore. In fact, he was highlighted on MediaCorp Channel 5 TV program as “an educator with extraordinary qualities.”

You can check out his group tuition schedules and find out the best timings that match for you.

If you have any other queries, you can personally contact Mr.Anthony through his website here.

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