Are you coping well in economics?

Are you coping well in economics?

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Economics can be a tough subject, especially when it is a particularly new subject with no prior exposure in secondary school. Without the proper guidance and help, mastering economics can be difficult. Sometimes, students may also be busy with school commitments and hence have no time to study economics at their own time. Economics tuition can be a source of great help in understanding economic concepts and knowing the right skills to answer different question types.

Here are some signs that you may not be coping well in economics:

  1. Concepts are difficult to understand

You may still find difficulty in grasping the economic concepts even after reading through your school notes and consulting your teachers. You could seek for additional help in aiding you in the understanding of the complex economic concepts.

In economics tuition, lessons are well-designed according to the tutor’s own methodology to help students understand difficult concepts easily. Lesson delivery by tutors are accompanied by comprehensive notes and practices. Tutors are also willing to provide extra help after class and give personal feedback to students’ performances.

  1. Undesirable grades

If you have been scoring failing grades or grades that did not meet your expectations, it is a sign that you have not fully understood the economic concepts and answering strategies. This means that you have not met the examination requirements to score well for the economics examinations. Sometimes, the teaching style in school may not be suitable for you.

As highlighted previously, tuition can help you understand economic concepts easily and equip you with the right skills to answer questions effectively. Tutors can also clarify your doubts if you raise your questions to them. Furthermore, you can choose to enrol into a tuition class with the right learning style for you.

  1. No time for revision

Co-curricular activities (CCAs) commitments in school can take up a lot of time. These activities are usually 2-3 times a week, or even more depending on the CCA’s own event line-up (e.g. competitions, performances). As a result, students do not have enough time to revise for economics. Economics is a subject that requires a lot of practice in applying skills to answering questions and without enough time, these skills cannot be mastered well.

Having economics tuition may serve as a solution as classes are often during the weekends. Students will set aside time to attend tuition classes which will help them to catch up in economics. In these lessons, tutors will go through the topics in the syllabus and students can put the answering skills into practice by doing in-class exercises. provides students with the best help needed. Join us today!

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