How to Write a Successful A Level Economics Essay

How to Write a Successful A Level Economics Essay

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A-level economics is a rigorous subject. It requires you to be well-informed about different economic theories that are constantly in flux. As a result, economics can be difficult for many, making its essay writing process highly challenging.

But don’t worry! We have all the tricks of the trade here for you so that not only can you write an excellent A-level economics essay but also get the grade you deserve. With our expert guidance, you’ll come out on top!

Here are some simple tips to help you write a successful A-level economics essay that will impress both the examiner and yourself!

Understanding The Prompt:

Writing an essay is a skill. It’s not just about putting sentences together logically but also about understanding the prompt and knowing how to explore it. You can’t just write any memorized piece of writing and expect to get an A in your JC economics exam.

The prompt can be any general macro essay on a topic like globalization or a more specific micro essay like discussing the regulation of monopolies. You should always start by reading the prompt carefully. There may be important information that will help you answer the prompt that isn’t clear from just looking at it.

Understanding any prompt is vital to being able to write a good essay. Your understanding will help you compose a response that addresses the question and tells your reader what you know about the topic. It can also help you not confuse your reader by writing something that makes sense to you and not to them. One of the best ways to understand any prompt is to break it down into its components. Pay attention to and underline any command words you can spot. These are specific words in the JC economics syllabus that highly impact the purpose of each prompt.

For example, take a command word, “Examine,” when read it without context, this doesn’t make much sense, but in an essay prompt, “Examine” plays the following function:

Once you have read the prompt and know what it asks, you can brainstorm ideas for your essay arguments.

Design outline:

Too often, the task of outlining an essay seems like an impossible one. The different steps are never clearly defined. There are no instructions for how to make your essay outline. It can all seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! Here is a simple, step-by-step method for outlining any economics essay.

1. Intro

Introductions are a crucial part of any essay. It’s the first thing your examiner will see, and it’s the most critical part of your paper. It will set the tone for your work and provide your reader with a quick overview of what they’re about to read. Without a good introduction, it can be challenging to create an excellent first impression.

It would be best if you tried explaining all the economic terms present in the question here. Do not think that your examiner should know the definitions of any terms. It’s your job to explain the topic at hand.

2. Body

The body of your essay is where you will develop your argument. It can be divided into several sections, with each section building off the last.

The body contains various paragraphs that are organized around a central idea or theme. The purpose of the body is to persuade your reader to take your point of view on a particular issue. A standard structure for the body is to start with a thesis statement or claim, introduce the evidence that supports this claim, and finally evaluate the evidence. Therefore, it’s essential to include all significant points while also providing supporting evidence, including diagrams.

3. Conclusion

For full-length 25 mark essays, the conclusion carries a total of 5 marks. You’ll need to provide a summary and overall evaluation of the essay and your arguments here which should be straightforward as long as you have made coherent arguments in your essay body.

Out of the 45 minutes for your essay, use around 5 to 10 minutes for planning and outlining your essay. Then based on your framework, go ahead and produce the best essay possible for your JC economics exam!

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