4 Essential Hacks You Need To Ensure a Good JC Economics Grade

4 Essential Hacks You Need To Ensure a Good JC Economics Grade

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Being an Econs student can be challenging at times, especially during JC where it is actually a brand-new subject for most students. There are so many concepts to be familiarized with but so little time! Not to mention, the other subjects in your combination that you need to ace, and on top of that, your PW, CCAs and the list can go on.

Well, the good news is that studying Econs does not have to be as difficult as you think! If you are a struggling JC kid looking for tips and hacks that may aid you in pulling up a grade or two, you might want to stick around. We have compiled some essential hacks – just for you to help you get there!

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  1. Write Your Essays As Though You Are Explaining it to Someone for the First Time.

What we mean here is to ensure you answer the questions fully, without leaving any gaps behind for the examiner to “interpret”. Which is why it helps when you picture the examiner as someone who has no knowledge about this subject – when you do so, it prompts you to logically link your explanations together, as well as elaborate further on your statements. This is to ensure your answer is comprehensive and touches on all the factors as required by the question.

Having said that, ensure that you do not overrun your essay either! It is easy to get carried away, “word vomit” or worse, go off-topic during exams. To prevent that, always keep checking your essay as you write and make sure that it answers exactly what the question is asking!

So, in conclusion – your essay should be comprehensive, concise and answer the question!

  1. Draw Mind Maps to Remember Concepts!

This is probably the holy grail method that will help you not only during your exams, but also when you make your own notes.

Mind maps are especially useful when you want to draw links between different concepts. It serves as a visual aid for you to understand how different concepts and components affect each other, which is very helpful for you to strengthen your fundamentals. It also comes handy when brainstorming your answers during exams – for a quick analysis on the question! (Your additional exam sheets are free anyway, just make use of it! Or if you want to save trees – just use a pencil to draw it out and erase it when you’re done!)

  1. Make Outlines before Writing Your Essay

Outlining is useful especially when you are planning out your essays. You should probably know by now that structuring is very crucial when writing out your essays – it helps you stay on track and provides a logical flow of the arguments in your essay. It really does not take much effort – just plan out the general flow, eg. Intro, Thesis, Antithesis, Conclusion, and add in rough sketches of the diagrams and a few bullet points per subheading.

If you are someone who has the exam jitters, you may find some comfort in planning out your essay first before you write your paper. The outline can serve as a guide for you to anticipate what to write and stay focused on that. Think of it like an on-site “cheat-sheet”!

You should set aside about 5 minutes maximum of your essay time to do up an outline. Seriously, trust us, it will make a huge difference to your essay!

  1. Get that Extra Support by Joining Economics Tuition!

It is very common for A level students to join tuition classes for an array of subjects – especially Economics. As we said in the beginning, Economics is a brand-new subject for many of you, and sometimes you really need the extra guidance for you to fully grasp the vast number of concepts in the subject, as well as challenge you further. Tuition centres are extremely resourceful with a lot of information, and established tutors to give you that special guidance.

JC Economics Tuition Centre is the place for you if you are looking for that extra support for your A level Econs! We are committed to delivering high-quality tuition lessons that will enrich your journey in A level Econs. Headed by our economics tutor Mr. Anthony Fok, rest assured that you are in good hands – as he is extremely passionate about the subject and believes in making lessons enjoyable and effective for students’ learning at the same time.

Ready to take that next step to get better at Econs? Click here to find out more about our programmes today!

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