Mugging JC Economics: How to Study Conducively

Mugging JC Economics: How to Study Conducively

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For students who plan to enrol or have already started studying in JC, there is no subject with a reputation as daunting as that of Economics. It is a subject that produces mixed emotions in many students, and much has been said about how challenging and dreadful it can be.

With all kinds of troublesome hearsay floating around, it is no surprise how many of us have forgotten that JC Econs is still a subject which can be tackled like any other! While it might be more difficult than other topics, studying hard and smart is a sure-fire way for students to gain a more comprehensive understanding on the subject.

Here are four useful tips to help you study JC Econs more conducively!

1) Gain a better understanding of the basics

For students taking economics for the first time, jumping straight into JC Econs and expecting high grades is understandable, but misguided. After all, learning something new for the first time is not an easy feat, more so for economics, which is a subject related to many complicated real-world problems.

If you are struggling to understand the materials, one reason may be that you have not gained a thorough understanding of the basic underlying concepts. With many definitions and topics in JC Econs being interlinked, simply memorising concepts without understanding them can end up becoming detrimental the deeper you study. In those cases, you may not necessarily find the right answer if you choose to forge ahead.

Not all solutions have to be convoluted or complicated! If students find themselves at a loss, one solution they can try is to go back to revise foundational information. The benefits of this include acting as a memory refresher and solidifying concepts to better understand more complicated problems.

2) Making Use of Visual Study Aids

One reason for the high difficulty of JC Econs is the huge amount of content you are required to study. With plenty of lengthy lecture notes to read, model essays to analyse and loads of homework to work through, it is not surprising for students to feel that studying for the subject is nearly impossible.

Most of us tremble at the thought of having piles of study notes to memorise, and that’s before mentioning how you’d have to make use of the information, too!

A mindmap is a visual aid that will help you retain and gain a deeper understanding of the various concepts you’ll come across in JC Econs. Not only is it extremely useful in helping you draw links, but you can also use them to summarise what you’ve studied.

Other visual study aids, such as diagrams and flashcards, can be equally useful for memorisation and to summarise content. By integrating these techniques into study sessions, students can break up the monotonous routine of simply memorising blocks of text.

3) Learning from Past Exam Papers and Model Answers

Using textbooks provided by the school to study is perfectly adequate, and something most of us do. However, don’t forget that there are also other useful materials you can study!

The importance of learning from past year exam papers shouldn’t be overlooked. Creating your own notes is definitely a handy way to understand what you’ve studied, but studying model answers is exceptionally helpful in honing your answering skills. This is especially important for newcomers, who might not be well versed in formulating their answers despite knowing the necessary information.

How you structure your answers is as important as knowing what to write!

On top of having the necessary skills to fully comprehend a question, it is crucial for students to know how to craft their answers accordingly. Analysing past year papers and learning from model answers is a great way to improve your exam taking capabilities.

Though it is true that studying hard will often produce results, studying smart can further increase your chances of getting a good grade!

4) Find a Tutor for Extra Support

Struggling with JC Econs is more common than most would think. In addition to having to learn a brand-new topic from the basics, A level students also have to juggle various other subjects. Throw in the need to maintain a healthy social and home life, it’s no wonder some students end up overwhelmed!

In such cases, finding a tutor might be just what you need. A good economics tutor can save you countless hours and help you make better progress in a shorter amount of time. With thoughtful guidance and extra learning materials, you’ll be able to better manage your study time and direct your focus to wholeheartedly deciphering the intricacies of JC Econs.

If you’re looking for a tutor that is passionate and knowledgeable about A level Econs, look no further than JC Economics Tuition Centre! With high quality tuition led by our best economics tutor, Mr. Anthony Fok, students can be assured that their lessons will be both enjoyable and effective, providing them with the ideal environment for learning.

Ready to get better at Econs? Don’t hesitate and click here to find out more about our JC economics tuition programmes today!

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