Why JC Economics Matters, For University and Beyond

Why JC Economics Matters, For University and Beyond

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JC Economics is a subject that will make you think about the world in new ways, though with its diagrams and essays, you might wonder how that is possible, and what relevance this subject could have for your everyday life.

Well, the answer is simple: without economics, you wouldn’t really understand the logic behind how much of society functions, whether in terms of government policy, consumer behaviour (even your own), or why businesses and markets do the things they do. As such, you may not adequately understand how to respond or get the best out of the changes around you.

Economics starts with understanding how the world works and what drives people to make decisions that affect their lives and ours. In JC Economics, we explore these topics in depth over a two-year course of study that culminates in the A level exam whose results gain you entry into universities. Aspiring students interested in this subject should read on to learn more about how economics affects our lives outside the classroom.

Let’s start by clarifying:

What is Economics?

Economics is the social science that studies how people, businesses, and governments make decisions about managing money, goods, and services. It’s a very practical field of study and has helped people make informed decisions about investing in themselves, their companies, and the economy overall.

Economics can help you better understand your community or business by assessing different market forces like supply and demand. The more educated you are about economics, the more informed decisions you can make on investing your time or money.

So what are some of the ways that A-level Economics can benefit you, either academically or as a member of society?

  1. Increase Your Financial Literacy

The world is an exciting place. The more you know about it, the better off you will be. Studying economics is an excellent way to expand your knowledge of the world.

Economics allows you to see how world finances work, and often to help you understand economic trends and movements, which can either help you navigate their impact on your daily life, or even ride the wave and make some money out of it, if you’re an investor, or are working in sales and marketing in future.

  1. Understand and Manage your Consumption Habits

Contrary to popular belief, economics is not just limited to numbers and graphs; it’s also about the practical world and how we live in it. We don’t have to understand complex economic terms to see their effects on our lives: we see them every day, as consumers and workers.

Beyond using economics to understand the world around you, JC economics can also be applied to understanding the one thing that matters most: yourself. Through a greater consciousness of your economic behaviour as an individual, and how it is affected and influenced, you can gain greater self-awareness and benefits such as better spending control and money management, or better decision-making as a consumer.

  1. Equip Yourself for Economics as a Career

If you can master economics, you don’t necessarily have to become a banker or economic analyst. You can also join the rewarding and lively field of teaching economics.

Teaching in the economics department of a school or JC is an excellent choice for anyone who loves the subject and wants to share their knowledge with others. Not only will you have the opportunity to help students learn about the economy, but you will also be able to shape minds and futures by helping them understand the society around them better.

  1. You’ll Be Better-Prepared for University

If you’re planning to pursue an economics career, whether in the corporate world or in education, studying the subject at university level is indispensable. Economics majors are in demand in various professions, including business, finance, government, and marketing. Studying economics also teaches you about the world around you. It helps you understand how markets work and why certain events happen. It gives you tools that allow you to make decisions based on factual information rather than unreliable opinions.

Many university students have reported that their JC economics experience gave them the crucial conceptual foundation they needed to tackle the more advanced analyses and calculations featured in university work–concepts that are not only just taught in JC, but for many, also reinforced and revised the help and support of some of the best JC economics tutors around, one of them being our very own Mr. Anthony Fok, whose clearly-explained classes are so much in demand across Singapore.

Clearly, studying economics at A levels provides you a whole host of benefits not only for an academic future, but also for a brighter personal and professional future as well. To navigate the working world independently and savvily, it’s important to take the first step right in JC–and that’s to learn and do well in economics in your A levels.

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