4 Reasons Why Doing your JC Economics TYS Alone Might Not Be Enough

4 Reasons Why Doing your JC Economics TYS Alone Might Not Be Enough

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When exams approach, chances are that you’re holding on to the ‘bible’ for your respective JC subjects – the familiar Ten Year Series fondly referred to as the ‘TYS’. You’ll definitely be extremely familiar with this revision essential since you’ve been using it since secondary school!

This isn’t surprising–the TYS is really useful as a guide to have a feel of how the actual A level examinations would be based on past years’ actual exams, and they also help you pick up on certain patterns and trends in the way questions are asked. However, if you are thinking of purely banking on it for your revision – we would advise you to think again. In this article, we are going to cover reasons why just doing your JC economics TYS may not be enough.

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  1. You may not even understand the concept at all in the first place.

With the answer key being available with the TYS, there might be times when you revise and memorise the model answers blindly. This could be exceptionally dangerous if you are not thorough with your concepts yet because this means that you might even be practicing the wrong explanation or techniques, without even realising it!

In order to answer questions correctly, you need to understand the concepts in order to relate to the question better. Having a grasp on the proper answering techniques will enable you to tackle the question properly! These skills won’t be achieved by depending solely on the TYS, so you need to expand your revision resources beyond that.

  1. It may not be challenging enough as the sole source of practice.

The type of questions you can try out in a TYS could be limited because they only contain questions that were tested in the previous years. This may not be enough to really challenge your abilities and test how much you’ve been able to grasp the subject itself, or serve as a platform for you to try out questions with different case studies, or topics. Furthermore, setters may have chosen your year to change the way questions are asked–and you won’t be prepared if you only depended on past questions.

Looking at past trends could help you anticipate the kind of questions you might deal with for the real deal, but it is definitely not sufficient as preparation. So, relying solely on TYS for your practise may not be such a good idea.

  1. Testing styles and syllabus might have changed.

Changes in the syllabus and the way questions are asked have definitely been through some changes and revisions in the past 10 years. You can even see it for yourself when you attempt a 2011 vs the final 2020 paper in your TYS! It is important for you to have enough exposure to questions that are within the guidelines of the current syllabus, as that is what you will be tested on in the end.

Another important factor in which your TYS might be lacking is that the actual topics & case studies might be outdated, and you won’t have enough practice using examples from current affairs. So, we really urge you to use resources beyond the TYS for your revision for A level economics.

  1. You may not know how to apply concepts to questions on your own.

At times, preparing for your examinations all on your own could get overwhelming. As discussed above, there are times where you may not be thorough with your concepts, may not be aware of things that are no longer in your syllabus, or you might need something more challenging. Or simply, you may learn better with guidance than alone. With some guidance, for eg. tuition lessons, you are able to have a platform to clear all your doubts, train your skills and also challenge yourself with more resources. At the end of the day, if you are able to get to where you want to be – there is no harm in obtaining a little help for that extra push to that finish line!

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