All About JC Economics Tuition Centre

All About JC Economics Tuition Centre

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Welcome to JC Economics Tuition Centre! Are you choosing which economics tuition to go for? JC Economics Tuition Centre may be the right one for you!

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  1. Location

Location is important as a shorter travelling time from home or school to tuition will make you less tired. JC Economics tuition centre is located at 3 areas: Bukit Timah, Tampines and Kovan. With 3 locations available, you can pick the location closest to you.

  1. The Tutor

JC Economics tuition lessons are personally taught by the founder and principal tutor Mr Anthony Fok. He has a strong passion for economics and hopes that his students will share the same passion with him through his lessons. As a former Ministry of Education teacher, he is experienced in lesson planning and he makes sure that every economics lesson delivered is up to the best standard so that students learn effectively.

  1. Teaching Methods

At JC Economics tuition, economic concepts are taught, and the application of such concepts are demonstrated through examination questions. As he goes through the questions, students will know how to identify question types, how to analyse the question on hand and what are the question requirements. Answering strategies and techniques will be demonstrated to students, and students will be given opportunities to apply these skills during in class work.

Aside from that, Mr Anthony Fok enjoys sharing his personal stories to connect the economics concepts to the real-world issues. He believes that using his own experiences will not only make the lesson interesting but also effective in making students remember the economic concepts.

  1. Personalised Interaction

Mr Anthony Fok gives his personal number to his students so that they can ask him any economics questions anytime and anywhere. He is happy to answer any questions as he recognises that everyone learns and understands at a different pace. He is also willing to give feedback on personal work submitted by students so that he can help them to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Testimonials and Achievements

Many former students under the guidance of economics tutor Mr. Anthony Fok have improved greatly and achieved distinctions for their economics A-Level examinations. Furthermore, he has been featured in several news articles as a “super tutor” and has made appearances on TV channels such as Channel 8 and Channel 5. He is also a fellow of The College of Teachers, Institute of Education, London, for individuals who have made a significant contribution to educational literature or to educational management at a senior level.

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All about JC Economics Tuition Centre

Bukit Timah Branch

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
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Tampines Branch

Block 201E Tampines Street 23
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